Montcalm 2021 Impact Report

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Montcalm 2021 Impact Report

Montcalm has always had positive, conscious impact investing as an important part of our value system. Last year, for the first time, Montcalm embarked on a structured, formalized impact reporting process. We engaged an impact data partner, Andorra, Inc., to help us understand and quantify our impact on a comprehensive level.

Some highlights:

  • 61% of Montcalm’s total assets are invested with intentional, measurable, and independently verifiable positive impact.
  • Of the assets invested in positive impact, 95% are actively creating value by building solutions. The other 5% are avoiding harm but not actively building.
  • We are proud of these numbers because what we see in the industry is that most investors that report on their positive impact are mostly avoiding harm (especially in public equities), rather than actively building solutions.

We are creating value for humanity and the planet with our investment strategies. At the same time, our intelligent, forward-looking portfolio composition is supporting our clients in assuring personal sustainability for themselves and their families.

Download the full report to learn more about:

  • Specific metrics quantifying how much value Montcalm investors have created together.
  • Details and key takeaways on how each of our asset classes supports clients and the planet.
  • Diversity and inclusion data for fund managers and founders that we invest in.
  • Next steps for Montcalm .

Read the full report here.

We are already initiating our impact reporting process for 2022, and we look forward to sharing our learnings with you again.

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