Love, the 5th Dimension of Value Investing

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Love, the 5th Dimension of Value Investing

Recently, Holly Ruxin had an opportunity to join Kevin Edwards on the Real Leaders podcast. They discussed where humanity is headed, and how businesses and investors of the future need to bring all of the human dimensions into their value system – intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Listen here and see how Holly answers the following questions:

  • Why are capital markets beautiful?
  • What is the litmus test for any Montcalm investment?
  • What is the “5D” world of flow that humanity is headed toward?

Real Leaders is guided by their mission to inspire an unstoppable movement of impact leaders, to create a future where every generation leaves the world far better than they found it. Montcalm is grateful to be part of this visionary community.

Real Leaders Podcast with Holly Ruxin

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