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Integrated Investing and Giving Conversation

Giving and Philanthropy

At Montcalm, we see giving as part of your financial equation. For clients who are interested, we integrate your impact and philanthropic goals into our wealth management conversation.

Multiple Aspects of Giving

There are many ways to think about how you “give back” from your own abundance.
Some of the financial strategies we can discuss with you are:


We work with you to create giving goals and include these goals into your personal planning pro forma. This way, you can have an integrated understanding of how all of your money is flowing for both personal, as well as global sustainability.


These are investments you make from your charitable portfolio, where you can take a higher risk in order to make outsized impact.


All investments in your personal investment portfolio are categorized and rated, so you know what your money is doing and how your own sustainability interrelates with positive global change.

Montcalm donor fund

Giving and Philanthropy

For those who want to establish a long-term giving and charitable investment plan, we offer the Montcalm Donor Fund – our own, unique version of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Features include:

Trevor TCR

Giving and Philanthropy

Trevor TCR is a grant-making foundation created by Holly  Ruxin, in honor of her son.

The foundation is based on the belief that every community has the power to be a vibrant place of ideas and economic empowerment, where all people are welcome and have the opportunity to succeed.

Montcalm TCR and Trevor TCR work together to advance our shared mission of financial and economic empowerment for all. This is a unique relationship – a wealth management firm and a non-profit foundation collaborating to build more ways to flow the world’s abundant capital to where it can be of the most benefit.

Montcalm TCR donates one percent of revenue to Trevor TCR.

Trevor TCR makes grants to organizations creatively building the necessary cornerstones of vital, successful communities, through health, education, enterprise, and the arts.

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