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Holly Ruxin founded Montcalm in 2012 because she wanted to bring authenticity, sophistication, and heart into financial infrastructure and into people’s lives.

Holly had had a very successful career on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley for over 15 years. In 2008, during the market crash, she knew that Wall Street’s unbalanced focus on making money was at risk of bringing down the entire financial system.

Also in 2008, Holly’s five-year-old son started to lose his ability to talk and walk. Over time he lost all of his fine and gross motor skills. Holly took him to the best hospitals in San Francisco and around the country. No one could help, and Trevor remains undiagnosed. Holly knew that she couldn’t figure out why her son couldn’t walk. However, she did understand money and capital markets, so she thought about how she could work within the financial industry to ultimately repair our broken socio-economic systems.

Holly was looking for new ways to think about life. She began to rely more on her intuition and feminine wisdom. She learned about the power of being authentic and grounded and true, and started envisioning how to bring those values more deeply into business and into finance. From there, Holly discovered that in helping people manage their finances with sophisticated investment strategies, there was an opportunity to heal their complex relationships with their money.

This is the real reason Montcalm came into being – to create transformation in people’s lives by creating sustainable personal portfolios while helping people develop their relationships with their money. When money is unblocked on the individual level, there is an opportunity to release capital flow on a global scale.

We can flow the world’s abundant capital to where it is needed the most, starting with supporting the long-term sustainability of our clients and their families.


Holly Ruxin

Founder AND CEO

Holly founded Montcalm in 2012 to provide wealth management services based on intelligent investing, authentic relationships, and integrity with the planet. She oversees client relationships, portfolio asset allocation, and selection of Montcalm’s investment offerings. Holly guides individuals and families in actively engaging with their wealth according to their values, needs, and goals.

Holly began her investment career in fixed income derivatives sales at Goldman Sachs and proceeded to manage assets, lead private client teams, and trade at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities, and Bank of America. Holly is also the Founder of Trevor TCR, a foundation established to award philanthropic grants to support health, education, enterprise, and the arts, all necessary cornerstones of healthy, successful communities. She has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. She lives in San Francisco with her family. They all enjoy live music, hiking, movies, and spending time in Tahoe.

Holly Ruxin was recognized in 2020 as a World Changing Woman in Conscious Business by Conscious Company Media.

Montcalm wealth management

Suzanne Andrews

Principal, Connections AND MARKETING

Suzanne’s areas of focus at Montcalm are education, communication, and connections. She develops our educational programs for clients and the broader community, to support people in reaching a deeper understanding of their relationship with money and how to invest for their future from a place of positive engagement. Through strategic communications, she articulates our unique services and approach, so that people looking for holistic, transparent, and expert financial services will connect with us.

Previously, Suzanne was a software engineer at Apple and a midwife’s assistant, and she is a proud mom. She has a BA in Computer Science from Brown University. She co-authored the historic first book for women about angel investing, Impact With Wings.

Montcalm Wealth Management Team
Montcalm wealth management

David Ruxin


David comes to Montcalm with extensive experience in corporate finance at economic justice and mental health organizations. This professional experience, in conjunction with his educational background in public policy, shapes his passion for improving the world in a financially sustainable way. As a Montcalm Associate, David interacts with clients, assists in decisions for corporate and municipal bond portfolios, and executes fixed income trades. He is looking forward to using his broad experience and education to further prove that you can do well by doing good.

David holds a BA from the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. During his time at UVa he concentrated his studies on social entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships. David enjoys time on the golf course, a good work of fiction, and constant learning. 

Montcalm wealth management

Sherise Netanya


Sherise manages the operational aspects of Montcalm’s investment services and is our clients’ primary point of contact for all transactions. She also participates in team thought leadership around investing at the nexus of individual clients’ best interests and planetary benefit. Sherise has previously worked with companies relating to financial services, EduTech, and HealthTech across a wide variety of Risk Advisory and Venture Capital experiences. Her interests lay within the cross-section of Finance and Social Entrepreneurship and her passions lay in social sustainability and education.

Sherise holds a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a certification in Entrepreneurship and Technology from the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center. Sherise is co-founder of Garuda Hacks, a non-profit focused on bringing accessibility and equity within the tech landscape in Southeast Asia. Outside of work, Sherise is a singer and avid food systems education enthusiast.

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