Modern Investing is in Private Markets

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Modern Investing is in Private Markets

This is an interesting discussion between Holly Ruxin and the Linqto team. At Montcalm, we appreciate Linqto because they are working on finance solutions to make private investing more accessible and easier. Private investments, in particular funds that invest in solutions that advance humanity, are an integral part of Montcalm’s investment strategy for our clients’ personal portfolios.

Some highlights from the podcast:

  • Money is an energy in people’s lives, and Montcalm’s first line of impact is to support people in engaging with that energy in ways that help them feel comfortable and live from a place of abundance.
  • This is a transition time in our markets and in our planet, which is ultimately going to create a lot of opportunity. We are going from a head society to a heart society.
  • It’s really hard to have diversification with public equities only, since the equity markets are now so highly correlated.
  • In investing, go back to the basics. Invest in what you think is valuable and moves the planet forward.
  • Private markets are the modern way of investing.  Technology allows us to learn about companies ourselves and make investing decisions. We don’t need a regulated stock market anymore.

Listen here.

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