How Internet Evolution Will Open Up Finance

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How Internet Evolution Will Open Up Finance

Holly Ruxin will join Vadim Slavin at the Linqto Global Investor Conference this Thursday, Dec 8, at 12:10pm PT. 

Vadim is a futurist looking at what’s coming on the internet, and Holly is a financial visionary, so we expect a fascinating, unique discussion.

Some topics they will discuss include:

  • The next “what’s coming” for internet – Web3.
  • How will Web3 change the world economically?
  • Technology and innovation are making private investing more accessible.
  • One reason people feel so comfortable investing in private equities is the onramp is so developed. Today, we have the beginnings of a comparable onramp for privates investments.
  • What do the self-sovereignty and decentralization characteristics of Web3 mean for finance and other industries?

Register here.

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