Happy 10th Anniversary Montcalm!

Holly Ruxin addresses community gathering

Happy 10th Anniversary Montcalm!

On April 6, Montcalm hosted a party to celebrate 10 years in business as well as all of our friends and supporters who have collaborated with us over the years to help us get to this point! 

Attendees included friends, relatives, clients, supporters, former employees, managers of our funds, partners, and more. It was incredibly heartwarming and inspiring to gather everyone to get to know each other, potentially collaborate, and celebrate 10 years of Montcalm – a perfect starting point for Montcalm’s next ten years! The feedback was that it was a very interesting and intelligent group, working on a lot of creative, positively impactful projects.

We also featured The Bread Project, one of the grant recipients of our sister foundation, Trevor TCR. The Bread Project’s specialty is training low/no-income Californians in the skills needed to start a career in the food industry and land their first good job – this is very aligned with Montcalm’s vision of financial empowerment and flowing capital in ways that benefit all.

We are so grateful for the community that empowers us, and we look forward to growing that community in Montcalm’s next phase!

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