Wally Wants to Cuddle

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Wally Wants to Cuddle

Join us for an evening of celebration on Tuesday, November 1st! 

We will celebrate Annette Rivlin-Gutman’s newly released children’s book, Wally Wants to Cuddle, which addresses issues around separation in a loving way. We will be hosted in Holly’s new office in the Presidio.

We look forward to gathering friends together to drink some wine and listen to Annette discuss her book, her themes, and her creative process. We would also love to further discuss the topic of separation and what it means for our children and for ourselves, and how that understanding can help us create a better world.

 Afterwards, we will enjoy the beautiful sunset view. 

 We cannot wait to share this time together!

4:00pm:   Gather
4:30pm:    Annette talks about separation from our loved ones and, sometimes, from our own true selves
5:00pm:   Enjoy further conversing on the subject with friends
5:30pm:   Watch the sunset together

Montcalm office – there is plenty of parking.
16 Funston Avenue, Suite A
The Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94129


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