Best for the World 2021 Awarded to Montcalm

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Best for the World 2021 Awarded to Montcalm

At Montcalm, we are very proud to be honored as a B Corp 2021 Best for the WorldTM company in the Customers category. 

B Corporation is a company legal structure designed to create inclusive and sustainable business practices and financial systems, which is at the heart of the Montcalm mission. All B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The Best for the World are B Corps at the top 5% of B Corps worldwide, measured by the scores assessed for their most recent certification. 

Montcalm’s BFTW award recognizes our distinction in the Customers area. Montcalm excels in this area in that we set a high standard for customer service, offer products and services supporting the greater good, and provide the critical services of financial advising and education.

Montcalm has been honored as a Best for the World company every year since 2015. We are grateful for the B Corp organization and community which supports us in continually upleveling our impact in this world.

Check out the full Best for the World 2021 list and learn about the many companies with proven commitment to positive impact in their business models and practices.

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