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What is in your portfolio depends on your short-term needs, long term goals,  personal values and interests, and portfolio size – sound investment fundamentals overlaid with what feels right to you.

Fixed Income

We build your portfolio with selections

from three asset classes:

Bond strategies that provide income and predictable returns form the basis of your long-term stability.

Good For:

Best available private funds have higher risk and potentially high return.

Range of risk/return profiles:

Good For:

Stock market-based investments have a strategic place in many portfolios.

Good For:


We are very proud of our Montcalm platform of investments that we have built in-house with an eye towards the best finance fundamentals and what our clients need for their customized portfolios. In every case, you will know what your money is doing for you and for the world.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income

Montcalm skillfully chooses individual bonds for our client portfolios. This allows us to buy specific bonds according to our clients' needs. The strategy for your portfolio will be based on your tax status and future cash flow.

Corporate Income Bond Strategy

Corporate bonds, corporate green bonds, and taxable municipal bonds.

Fixed Income Impact Strategy

Includes both corporate bonds (taxable), and municipal bonds (non-taxable), with green bonds in both categories.

Municipal Bond Strategy

Municipal bonds and green municipal bonds. Non-taxable strategy.

All bonds are selected according to our criteria for creditworthiness, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance, and value.

Private Investments

We maintain the highest standards of due diligence and fully vet every fund to ensure that it is well-suited for our clients while meeting our standards of integrity and return.

Funds that invest in established private (not publicly traded) companies in exchange for ownership of a share of the company and participation in their growth and monetization.
Provide loans to private companies at various stages with expectation of regular repayment to the fund and a predetermined interest rate.
These funds take ownership shares in higher-risk early-stage companies, with a high potential return.
Provide loans to early-stage venture capital-backed private companies. These are shorter term loans to riskier companies, with a correspondingly higher interest rate.
Provide short term loans to companies in emerging markets.
These funds remain open to investment over the life of the fund, with an indefinite maturity date. There are defined periodic liquidity cycles for the investor. Investments from the fund can be debt or equity.

Public Equities

We believe that stock market-based investments can have a place in every portfolio, if the strategy is purposefully formulated to capture gains while mitigating typical market volatility.

Impact equity Portfolio

Holds shares in strong, stable, publicly-listed companies which commit financial and human capital to addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Opportunity Equity PorTfolio

Capture public equity returns while managing for market volatility. Includes stocks in stable, primarily tech companies, poised for ongoing growth. Diversified by two mutual funds that hedge volatility by investing in S&P 500 companies.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Portfolio

A targeted set of SRI funds that focus on public equity markets while tempering volatility with fixed income.

All of our investment offerings are informed by decades of experience and rigorous analysis.

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