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Montcalm wealth management

At Montcalm, we focus your portfolio strategy on capital preservation and reliable growth so you can know your money will be there when you need it.

Our approach is fundamentally unique, due to the exceptional background of Holly Ruxin, Montcalm Founder & CEO. Before coming to wealth management, Holly spent decades in the largest Wall Street firms, where working in institutional fixed income derivatives gave her a deep and broad understanding of finance fundamentals, including an expert understanding of the workings of risk, securities, cash, and capital flow. Holly is a deeply trained risk manager. With this perspective, she discerns how to construct portfolios from a wider and more grounded set of investment principles and products than most wealth managers can access for their clients.

Portfolio Strategy

When building out your portfolio, we focus on:


The factors that affect the value of each investment are understood, can be tracked, and are somewhat predictable.


The factors that affect the value of each investment are different, so that when the value of one changes, the whole portfolio stays relatively stable.


The value of the portfolio is relatively consistent over time and grows steadily.

And every investment is good for the planet


Montcalm wealth management

"Our approach to wealth generation supports clients in their personal growth around money. We believe combining this work with expert investing and positive impact is the formula to abundance and renewal."


We believe that understanding your personal relationship with money is just as important as intelligent investing. This combination of inner and outer money work is a magic formula to all forms of abundance in your life.

Montcalm Money Clarity Workshop

We lead people through a unique process of inner money work and concrete investing education that helps people engage more meaningfully with their money. In this workshop, we form a community where you can be fully heard and hear the authentic stories of others on a similar journey.

Money Coaching

Holly Ruxin offers the same transformational work from the Montcalm Money Clarity Workshop in a personalized, one-on-one environment to jumpstart your process. Holly is committed to helping people transform their lives by healing their relationship with money.
The Money Clarity Workshop and Money Coaching are available to anyone, and are complimentary for Montcalm clients.

Our disciplined process

Your Financial Blueprint

Current Assets

6 Financial Clarity Questions

Portfolio Planning

Your Needs

Setting the Risk Dial

Pro Forma Planning Tool


Client Questionnaire

Open Montcalm Accounts

Sign Documents

Portfolio Implementation

Reexamine Financial Blueprint

Build out Portfolio Plan

Start Investing

Working with Montcalm

Set Up Your Portal

Continue Dialog as Assets are Invested

Quarterly Portfolio Communications

Annual Face-to-Face Reviews

Giving & Impact

Vision Statement

Giving and Impact Plan


Montcalm wealth management

At Montcalm, we require Sustainability from every perspective:


Personal long-term security for our clients and their families is where our work begins.


All stakeholders must benefit from any investment. We require the highest level of transparency and integrity for our investment offerings.


Investments that are healthy for people and the planet make the most financial sense from a long-term risk perspective.

Montcalm impact areas

All Montcalm investments, and therefore all of the investments in your portfolio, address one or more of these global challenges. Our clients have transparency into what their money is doing in the world.

Planet Preservation

Environmental conservation and restoration.


Broad access to knowledge, information, and training.

Circular Economies

Innovations that create sustainable cycles in resource use and capital flow.

Job Growth and Prosperity

Decent work and economic empowerment.

Social Justice

Equalize imbalances in distribution of resources and access to opportunity.

Human Dignity

Address basic human needs such as safe food, clean water, and sanitation.

Montcalm is a woman-founded, woman-run firm, and at least 50% of our clients are women. We bring valuable perspective that is largely missing in the fields of wealth management and finance. We provide accessibility for many who have felt unable to connect to the finance industry.

Empowerment comes from being informed and then from being engaged and stepping up to the table.
-Holly Ruxin
“Future of Women’s Empowerment” on Future of XYZ podcast, March 11, 2021

Montcalm theory of change

We believe there are plenty of resources in the world for all beings to thrive.

We seek to create systems that flow the world’s abundant capital to where it is needed. As such, innovation in capital flow is transformative impact.

We believe we live in an abundant universe, and money is a powerful force for healing. Helping people engage with their money will enable blocked money to move and create value in the world.

Certified B Corporation

Montcalm is proud to have been a certified B Corporation from our earliest days. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The B Corporation intention of changing culture globally, to create inclusive and sustainable business practices and financial systems, resonates deeply with Montcalm’s roots.

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