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New Montcalm Offering: Donor-Advised Funds!


Montcalm Donor Fund

You can now open your own Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) through the Montcalm Donor Fund!

DAFs are the fastest-growing charitable vehicle in the country, and for good reason: DAFs are the most powerful vehicle in philanthropy today. There are half a million DAFs in the U.S., comprising $110 billion in assets earmarked for charity.

Think of a DAF as a charitable expense account. Some common scenarios under which you might benefit from opening up a DAF:

  1. You’ve had a tax event this year (your company went IPO, you sold your company, or you’re otherwise facing a large tax bill). A large charitable donation can reduce your tax liability now, while a DAF allows you to spread your charitable giving out over time to your charities of choice. In fact, there are no minimum giving or timeline requirements for charitable grants from a DAF, even though you get the full tax deduction immediately.
  2. You want to support charity without writing a check. In addition to cash, you can open up a DAF account with appreciated stocks, saving on capital gains taxes and increasing the amount that ultimately goes to charity. In fact, you can open up a DAF with anything that can be valued, including art, cars, real estate, bonds and even cryptocurrency.
  3. You’ve been thinking about starting up a private foundation, but you don’t want to deal with the legal and administrative burdens of setting one up and managing it. DAFs offer many of the same benefits of having a private foundation, but without the cumbersome administration process or expenses. And, you can open up a Montcalm DAF with a minimum gift of only $25,000.


With a Montcalm DAF, you can:

  1. Maximize your charitable impact. Through our sponsoring organization partner, SDG Impact Fund, you’ll be expertly advised on the most impactful NGOs anywhere in the world, accelerating progress towards achieving the UN’s 17 global SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Of course, if you already have your charities of choice identified, you can always make recommendations as to where to grant your DAF funds.
  2. Maximize your impact before you grant out the assets. Even before you start making grant recommendations, you can create immediate social value with your DAF assets. Montcalm will provide your DAF with exclusive access to impact investments in social enterprises addressing the world’s most pressing environmental and social problems, potentially growing the value of your DAF account so you can grant more money to charity in the future. As with every Montcalm offering, your options for investing assets will be values-aligned.


Interested in learning more? Contact Alisa Tantraphol, Head of Philanthropic Strategy, at info [at] montcalmdaf [dot] org. We’re excited to help you craft the charitable giving plan that’s perfect for you!


The Montcalm Donor Fund is a component of the SDG Impact Fund, (Tax ID# 46-2368538). The SDG Impact Fund, Inc, headquartered at 475 E. Main Street #154 Cartersville, GA 30121 is a public charity as described in the Internal Revenue Code Sections 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).  All money and property transferred to Montcalm Donor Fund shall be an irrevocable gift to the charity.

Donor Advised Funds Are Not FDIC Insured • Are Not Bank Guaranteed • May Lose Value.

Always consult with your independent attorney, tax advisor, and investment manager for recommendations and before changing or implementing any financial, tax, or estate planning strategy.