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Montcalm Capital is an Investment Company that creates innovative financial products for Montcalm clients and investors.

Our clients want to make good investments in tangible projects – they want their money to be used to create something of value, and they want to share the benefit of their money with people building real solutions.

After over 30 years on Wall Street, I realized there is a significant need for investing from a perspective of clarity and value. I founded Montcalm with the vision of unblocking capital flow, thus creating regenerative abundance for our investors and a more prosperous world overall.

- Holly Ruxin, Founder & CEO

Montcalm Capital investment opportunities:

Provide diversified risk/return profiles to meet a variety of portfolio needs.

Democratize access to compelling private investments through lower minimums.

Address substantial global social and environmental challenges.

CLEARAS Water Recovery is the leading provider of advanced, sustainable wastewater treatment technologies for industrial and municipal markets. CLEARAS provides a non-chemical and cost-effective way to meet or exceed government wastewater discharge mandates resulting in cleaner wastewater and healthier waterways. The treatment byproducts can be sourced into a variety of market applications including plastics, foams, animal feed and soil enhancements, creating a true closed-loop environmental solution.

Montcalm Capital created the opportunity to invest in a debt-based deal with the unusually low minimum requirement of $5,000.

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Obvious Ventures is a leading Venture Capital firm with an intention to “Reimagine the Global Economy.” The Obvious team has established a history of investments in strong, disruptive companies which exhibit long term growth potential as well as social and environmental impact. 

Obvious Ventures Fund III allocates purpose-driven capital toward early stage companies within the finance, education, health care, infrastructure, and mobility industries.

Montcalm Capital has created a unique opportunity for qualified investors to participate in Obvious Ventures III at a significantly lower minimum investment than the fund’s stated $1M.

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