Montcalm Capital’s Story

We create investment offerings that match risk with returns, and reconnect investors with the performance of the companies they invest in.

We believe in investments that make a positive impact in the world – without sacrificing returns.

Why Create New Offerings

Public markets no longer do what they were set up to do: flow capital into companies, and give investors the opportunity to participate in the performance and cash flows of these companies.
In 2018, buying a stock is betting on market pricing, which is almost entirely controlled by factors unrelated to the companies themselves.
We can’t evaluate the risk and advise on which stocks to purchase, because we can no longer see the factors that control their value.

How it Works

We structure capital investments outside public markets to fuel the growth of maturing companies with a strong foothold in what they do.
Montcalm is deeply experienced in capital markets and the risk factors that drive success, so we vet each investment with institutionallevel due diligence.
With this thorough understanding of risk and potential reward, we collaborate with stakeholders to create offerings that align with the best interests of investors and of the companies receiving the capital.

Tearing Out The Page,
And Starting Again.

We’re rethinking what investment means.

Currently, institutions and the very wealthy hold nearly all access to high caliber investments.

But we think everyone has the right to be involved in the success of a company and
actually participate in our capital markets in a way that serves them well.

Instead of thinking in rigid terms of debt or equity, we co-create ways to flow capital so it benefits all stakeholders— including the world at large.

Investment Features

  • Revenue-based offerings: financially sustainable, income generating vehicles
  • Growth capital: carefully underwritten structures that align risk with reward
  • Selection of structures: series LLC, private note, reg A+, SEC-reviewed strategies available
  • Public-private partnerships: private offerings for public infrastructure
  • Access for non-accredited investors: private investing strategies for all
  • Collaborative structuring: flowing capital without rigidity


The Team

Holly Ruxin

CEO & Founder

Holly stewards Montcalm, a certified B corp, in the blending of expert investing with new economy sustainability and independent vision. Holly works to guide clients to engage with their wealth by providing services that support their values, needs, and goals in the short and long term, while facilitating a holistic trading flow in impactful investments.

For over twenty years, Holly has managed client assets and led private client teams at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities, and Bank of America. Holly began her investment career at Goldman Sachs in the fixed income derivatives division, where she learned indelible lessons about risk management and cultivated an expert understanding of securities, complex derivatives, and fixed income. Holly uses that extensive experience and expertise to devise customized portfolios for Montcalm’s clients, and create financial sustainability within an overall better economic system for all.

David Cooper

Managing Partner

David Cooper has 20 years experience directing the acquisition, financing, ownership and disposition of early stage companies. David brings to the table a deep knowledge of equity transactions including due diligence, structuring, closing, and operational management. He has a track record of profitable equity investment, strategic advising, and has long-standing relationships with key industry participants in multi-cycle finance, growth and disposition.



Bryan Andrzejewski

Managing Partner

Bryan brings multi-dimensional financing experience to Montcalm Capital resulting from an investment banking and merchant banking career spanning over three decades, acting as both an advisor and as a principal. He has structured and navigated complex deal and fund structures in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Latin America for corporate clients and financial sponsors. Bryan joined Montcalm Capital in 2018 where he has leveraged his skills to launch the fund structure that will enable Montcalm Capital to achieve its fundamental objectives.


Bob Hambrecht

Capital Markets

Bob is an experienced finance professional specializing in investment banking and project finance, including due diligence, drafting of documents, sales and marketing, and follow-on research. As founder and director at WR Hambrecht + Company, Bob is working to bring renewable energy and impact investment opportunities to market. WRH+Co pioneered the OpenIPO, a Dutch-Auction based process that adds transparency and openness to the IPO process, and continues to innovate new investment structures and offerings.



Tad Neeley


Tad is focused on using capital markets and new business models to develop, finance, and operate infrastructure projects around the globe. In addition to his role at Montcalm TCR, Tad is CEO and Co-Founder of Banyan Infrastructure, a blockchain-based platform for the development, financing, operations, and securitization of renewable energy assets. Tad has over 20 years of experience in structured finance in the energy and telecom sector. Tad is a former Operating Partner at Golden Gate Capital where he focused on investments in telecom infrastructure.


Montcalm Capital LLC is an affiliate of Montcalm TCR LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor.