A wealth management firm that
blends expert investing with new
economy sustainability and
independent vision.
Our Approach Our Approach Our Approach Our Approach Our Approach Our Approach
Our focus is sustainability through growth, collaboration, and innovative investing—for our clients and for society at large.

Our Approach

Montcalm is guided by our long-held values: integrity, collaboration, engagement and our client’s sustainability.

We believe in transparency and trust with our clients and partners.

We provide a customized approach for each client, with service that is highly attuned to your needs.

We untie knots in your financial life and work together to develop a clear path to short and long-term wealth goals.

We create a secure financial future for our clients and care about the broader impact that investing has on the world— economically, environmentally and socially.

We understand risk, reward, and transparency in this new economic landscape, and our expertise helps to protect and grow your wealth.

Our Services

We invest in companies, asset classes, and investment vehicles that provide superior cash flows and are achieving greatness through innovative products, services and environmental and social practices.

We are committed to providing expert advice and intelligent risk management that supports your values, needs and goals in the short and long-term.

Whether we are undoing knots in your financial life or clearly defining a financial plan based on your values and goals, our role as your advisor is to guide you to the best investment offerings for your needs.

Decades of investment experience across all asset classes has led to our investment philosophy and innovative approach, which is dedicated to people, engaged in relationships and creates sustainable investment results.

We believe that wise investment opportunities have multiple paths to success and take the long view of influencing future developments as shareholders, bondholders, and stakeholders.

Blending highly attuned personal service, solid values and innovative disruption, we actively seek to enrich the lives of our clients as well as the world around us. The result is a better economic model for everyone. This motivates and inspires us to do our best every day.

Guiding Investment Principles

Female money managers often don’t follow the herd. They tend to look for less crowded markets and under-favored positions.

Our Team

Holly founded Montcalm TCR to create an investment management experience that guides people to engage with their wealth by providing leading-edge investment expertise, transparency and opportunity.

Kristen Lehman joined Montcalm TCR at its founding.
She develops and analyzes investment portfolios with an independent outlook and in close partnership with clients.


For over twenty years, Holly has managed client assets and led private client teams at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities and Bank of America. Holly began her investment career at Goldman Sachs in the fixed income derivatives division, where she learned indelible lessons about risk

management paired with an expert understanding of securities, complex derivatives, and fixed income.

Holly has an MBA from Columbia University in Finance and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. She lives in San Francisco with her family. They enjoy live music, hiking, golf, movies, and spending time in Tahoe.


Kristen Lehman joined Montcalm TCR at its founding. She develops and analyzes investment portfolios with an independent outlook and in close partnership with clients.

Kristen manages bond and equity portfolios that promote client sustainability and leads private investment research at Montcalm, finding investments that combine integrity with strong performance potential.

Prior to Montcalm, Kristen was a Client Service Associate for Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management in San Francisco and handled CDO operations for JP Morgan’s Trust Services in Houston.

Kristen holds a BA in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Financial Analysis from the University of San Francisco. She lives in San Francisco with her fiance and enjoys photography and cooking.


Kathy organizes operational strategy at Montcalm TCR. Her experience in leading large and small financial services teams in operations, accounting, and client service led her to found Clarelane Consulting LLC. The firm provides investment advisors and asset managers with

professional services focusing on operational and compliance processes. Kathy earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Certificate of Financial Management for Family Offices from Pepperdine University.

The actual performance of women tended to more closely match their anticipated performance when they implemented a decision.

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